After over 30 years of writing graffiti, we are very particular about the spray paint we use as artists and offer to the street art community. Tuff City Supply is proud to present the full line of Spanish Montana (MTN) Spray Paint. We feel that Spanish Montana (MTN) spray paint is currently the highest quality spray paint on the market. The MTN 94 Spray Paint Line is our most popular line offering 147 colors in a low to high-pressure valve system. We also carry the MTN Alien, MTN Hardcore 2 and MTN Specialty Cans, which completes the full line of MTN Spray paint.


Tuff City has been in the tattoo game for over 20 years and over the course of this time we have tried it all, in the end learning which tattoo supplies really work. We have found that over the last few years people outside of the tattoo culture have come into the business and tried to exploit tattoo artists by selling fake and cheap tattoo supplies. It is our goal at Tuff City Supply to put this to an end. Tuff City Supply will strive to offer credible and quality tattoo supplies, bringing artists the best of what they need.


We have worked hard to build Tuff City and to create the New York City graffiti and tattoo institution it has become. Today we are proud to offer Tuff City Supply, an online street art distribution platform. However, the most important thing to us, is to uphold our long standing reputation in graffiti and tattoo culture, and in order to do this, we strive to only offer the best tools to artists. We carry only what we feel to be the best markers available for graffiti writers, street artists and enthusiasts. We are sure you will find our drippy markers to be the best available.